We are #MiRONAFT FabLab – scientific research laboratory of Mechatronics and robotics.


Today, according to professional associations, the laboratory is the largest in its profile innovation “FabLab” workshop in Ukraine and Europe, and located in Odessa National Academy of Food Technology.

We, as a laboratory of Mechatronics and robotics, deal with all aspects of the development as of both industrial and consumer robotics.

First of all, we are the technical co-work space, where everyone could realize its ideas.

One of our main goals is to popularize technical education in general and robotics in particular.


The initiator and creator of the open space of joint work is the candidate of technical sciences, the teacher of the department of automation of technological processes of robotic systems in ONAFT, the current scientific director of the laboratory - Yehorov Victor.

Creating a laboratory is a consequence of the lack of open technical co-work space in the academy and in the city as a whole. Makers with their own ideas had nowhere to turn for prototyping, but for any entry into the commercial market a minimally viable product is required. MiRONAFT FabLab has become a place where every citizen, regardless of his age, qualifications, place of study or work, with proper consultation of laboratory staff, can implement his ideas absolutely free of charge.

The worldview of the platform is aimed at the study, development and integration of robotics in all spheres of human activity, freeing up human resources in favor of creative activity. The laboratory began its life on February 17, 2014 at the faculty of “Computer systems and automation”. This date marked the beginning of a great cause that we are proud of and to which we strive to attract everyone who wants to realize their ideas or create something new and useful.

The laboratory has the opportunity to develop thanks to the companies Camozzi, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric and so on, which have the most modern types of equipment for training and modernization.

Anyone who wants to implement the idea is provided with a workplace for developing, assembling, testing a prototype, as well as hand tools, software, specialized literature and advice from staff and residents of the laboratory.

There is only one access condition - 20% of the time spent at MiRONAFT, voluntarily dedicate to socially significant events in the life of the laboratory, namely: assistance in organizing and holding events, festivals, exhibitions, master classes, trainings, public working days and in the near future.

The main activities of the laboratory are: robotics circles for schoolchildren, master classes on the basics of modern robotics (pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical manipulators, 3D modeling, programming of controllers, CNC machines).

We are the organizers of the annual citywide festival of robotics "Robotronika", in which more than 7 thousand inhabitants of Odessa take part annually. In addition, the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mobile Robotics RoboRace is held on the basis of our laboratory. This is a full-fledged international tournament / race among machines with artificial intelligence. On a huge, multi-level road, engineers from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries are competing in speed, being completely autonomous. Moreover, competitions are held according to all the rules of full-fledged races: with their qualifying races, semi-finals, finals and fines for violations.

In addition to organizing our major events, we also often act as a platform for others. So, on the basis of our laboratory, citywide education festivals STEM, Odessa mini-Maker Faire and much more took place.

In December 2017, the laboratory acquired the status of “FabLab” and at that time became the only FabLab in Ukraine, located on the basis of a higher educational institution.
FabLab, a production lab, is a worldwide network of open workshops that provide free access to your space and everything in it.
They have at their disposal all the necessary equipment and tools to create everything from nothing.

Currently, the laboratory employs more than 350 people, including 30 employees. Most of the residents are students from different universities in Odessa. Approximately one third of visitors are children and adults. More than 25 research projects are being developed that residents are engaged in while studying at the university.

Everyone has the opportunity to implement the project as a future diploma.


Laboratory MiRONAFT FabLab has a huge amount of equipment that is useful at different stages of the implementation of your idea.

In connection with the implementation of the project within the online platform “Socially Active Citizen”, we managed to provide the laboratory with a large number of new equipment. As a result, we have expanded to 24 rooms (1,300 sq. M). We also managed to acquire the first in Ukraine unique industrial joint robots Universal Robots.

In the new premises there are workshops for the creation of prototypes, specialized audiences for industrial pneumatics, hydraulics and electricians.

There are also CNC laser / milling machines - rooms for laser / milling materials or objects. Joiner's room - for processing wood products or based on it.

The room for portable robotics is equipped with a 3D platform (a platform of peripheral devices that convert digital 3D models to physical objects) and a platform for printing printed materials. Also in the audience there is a track for testing machines that move using artificial intelligence, without human intervention.

Computer class - equipped with modern powerful machines. There is also a server, a recreation area and a head office.


In the future, we plan to maximize international relations with leading robotic centers in Europe in order to support academic mobility for our students. This year we have already managed to complete a two-week internship for two residents of the laboratory at the head office of Phoenix Contact in Bad Pyrmont in Germany and pass a three-month internship with a robotics student from the University of Braunschweig in Germany.

The main focus for the next year is the development and monetization of its own research projects, ready to enter the market and recruitment. We are planning to recruit new residents to the laboratory and new students for the training programs “Computer integrated robotic systems” and “Robotic systems with artificial intelligence” at our faculty of computer systems and automation ONAFT, of which we are a part.

In summa

We invite everyone to visit, to try to create something with their own hands.

Only 5 years ago, we began our journey with two audiences, but this was quite enough to begin to act and move confidently towards the goal.